Dr. John Putnam

Dr. John Putnam

PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, Cert DN, Cert SMT, Dip. Osteopractic

Dr. John Putnam is the Founder, Owner, and Clinic Director of Back To You Osteopractic Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. He graduated from the University of Scranton with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. As a two-time recipient of the Osteopractic Diploma and recipient of the AAMT National Clinic of the Year, he is also one of the most experienced dry needling practitioners in Southeast Michigan.

Dr. Putnam is also a fellowship-trained manual therapist with professional experience in chronic pain management, sports rehabilitation, surgical rehabilitation, clinical mentorships, and more. When he is not treating patients or educating students as a clinical instructor for Wayne State University and Washtenaw Community College, he makes the most out of life indulging in live music, culinary arts, travel, and other creative forms of expression alongside his family and friends.

“What makes my job rewarding is being able to provide an answer for patients who have been lost in the medical system trying to obtain pain relief and an explanation for their symptoms. I also provide relief and functional improvements so that patients can return to doing the things they love and do so pain-free.”

Laurie Putnam


Laurie Putnam received her Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University and her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University. She has been the Occupational Therapist at Back To You since we opened in 2019. Laurie is certified in IASTM, FMT Blades, and Functional Capacity Evaluation Training. At our clinic, she provides evaluations and treatments to injured, ill, and/or disabled individuals using evidence-based manual therapy techniques and therapeutic use of everyday activities.

Laurie was introduced to the profession watching her grandma go through OT several years ago and loved the idea of assisting others to regain function, confidence, and independence. When she is not treating patients, she enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends. Laurie also enjoys volleyball, tennis, waterskiing, videography, and travel.

“The moment patients start feeling better and see progress as a result of their hard work and the therapy we provide. When they tell me "I was finally able to pick up my daughter the other day without pain;" it's exceptionally rewarding.”

Dr. Sarah Shamoon

Dr. Sarah Shamoon


With over 13 years of experience treating patients, Dr. Sarah Shamoon graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She specializes in Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

At Back To You, Dr. Shamoon provides evaluation and treatment of orthopedic problems with specialties in post-operative care, balance/fall prevention, vestibular/vertigo disorders along with common referrals such as pain/dysfunction in the spine and upper and lower extremity joints. As a mother of three, she loves the outdoors, reading, and food!

“Pain touches most aspects of life. Easing or eliminating pain gives back what was once lost. Physical therapy allows me to combine my love of people with my passion to heal and make a positive difference in the world where pain and disability are misunderstood and sometimes viewed as weakness, therefore, isolating those who suffer.”

Marie Mastracci

Marie Mastracci


Marie Mastracci is a Physical Therapist as well as techniques certified CranioSacral Therapist trained through the Upledger Institute. Following her graduation from Oakland University in 1984, she began her career in patient care centered around neurological rehabilitation. She then discovered CST and now has over 37 years of experience treating patients.

She has presented at several conferences centering around CranioSacral Therapy (CST) with the Integrative Medicine Department as well as the NeuroScience Center for their Concussion Program. Marie supports the Upledger InstituteI by being a certified TA for local and travel-to-sites for several levels of coursework.

Marie evaluates, treats, and educates our patients to enhance their quality of life. In her free time, she is an Advanced Master Gardener through Michigan State University and loves spending time with her family.

“I was always interested in the human body and its function and excelled in the study of the sciences. I come from a long line of nurses in my family so pursuing a medical profession fit my intentions to help others. Being able to apply my knowledge base and continued studies to enhance the quality of another’s life feeds my soul.“

Trainings completed: ADV1 B1 B2 B3 BTD05 BTD12 BTD15 CS1 CS2 CSIR CSP1 CSPT HFFBP LT1 NM1 NM2 NM3 NM4 NM5 PA1A SER1 SER2 VM1 VM1 ZB1

Core classes taken: Brain, CranioSacral Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy Certification, Healing From the Core, Neural Manipulation, Visceral Manipulation

Dr. Osama Imam

Dr. Osama Imam

PT, DPT, Cert. DN

Dr. Osama Imam graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from Oakland University in 2016. He then went on to receive a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Wayne State University in 2020. Dr. Imam is certified in dry needling through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy (AAMT) and is currently a fellow in training at the academy with expected graduation in 2022.

Dr. Imam specializes in treating limited function as well as acute and chronic neck, back, shoulder, and ankle pain. With a focus on an evidence-based approach including diverse treatment techniques, he is passionate about helping patients get back to their lives and hobbies pain-free. He helps patients reduce pharmaceutical use and empowers them to self-manage their conditions.

As a husband, son, brother, and family man, Dr. Imam enjoys basketball, tennis, biking, reading, hip-hop music, and traveling.

“I chose physical therapy because caring for others and relieving the burden of pain and limited mobility is a huge motivation for me. Seeing patients come in excited because they have reached a milestone in their recovery gives me the most job satisfaction.”