Back To You



About Us

From start to finish, we want our patients to experience physical and occupational therapy unlike they ever have before. We want to demonstrate how therapy should be and the potential it has to change lives. Our care is evidence-based and client-centered. This means the therapist and patient work together to develop meaningful goals, providing personalized treatment that is effective and backed with scientific evidence.

We recognize that psychological and sociological components often accompany physical impairments and aim to address all aspects of this triad. Our goal is for you to feel better than when you arrived, having obtained a better understanding of your condition and how to self-manage symptoms. Together we will work to progress toward the goals we made together in accordance with our mission and vision. We want to see you get back to the things you love; we want to see you get Back To You.

Mission and Vision

Back to You Physical Therapy was founded to provide comprehensive, high-quality, evidence-based treatment to our patients utilizing Osteopractic methods and practices. Our purpose is to be the answer our patients have been looking for and accelerate their ability to achieve their therapeutic goals. Our company’s core values consist of a client-centered approach, holistic patient care, internal/external education, professional development and growth, strong ethical practices, a team approach, and setting the industry standard for top-quality care.

Awarded the 2019 Clinic of the Year Award by the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy, Back to You Physical Therapy is the only osteopractic physical therapy clinic in Metro Detroit. With locations in Royal Oak, Grosse Pointe, and Canton, MI we are a growing company that provides high-quality, outpatient physical therapy services using the most cutting-edge, evidence-based research. We strive to be a premier health care provider within our community when it comes to injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, fitness, and more. Our clinicians are trained to utilize a holistic approach to treatment, understanding that an individual’s impairments are not just physical, but often psychological and sociological as well. We strive to be a beacon of hope and the answer for all individuals who walk through our doors. Our goal is to provide a positive, therapeutic experience that sets the standard for top-quality care.

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