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Additional Testimonials


Dr. Putnam Is The Best Physical Therapist!

"Of my 30 years in medicine in multiple states, Dr. Putnam is the best Physical Therapist I have ever seen treat my patients. If I personally ever have an ache or pain, I consult him first." - Dr. Ross Nochimson, DO, Pain Management Physician

Best Decision Ever!

"I've had neck pain for 28 years & was told that I had a reverse C spine & severe cervical arthritis. I tried a chiropractor for 4 visits which felt like a waste of time, and PT for 4 visits. I wanted someone who was progressive, assertive with treatment, & someone that could do more for me. Honestly, I needed someone to impress me. On the advice of friends, I switched my PT to Dr. John Putnam, and it was the BEST DECISION EVER. He did more for me in my first visit than my previous PT did in 4 visits. He reminds me of a puzzle solver who already knows the answers. It is evident in his care that he has a passion for this kind of healing – a quality that everybody wants in their doctor. I am someone who throws everything at a problem to solve it and Dr. Putnam did the same, with my excellent (and progressive) therapy. Within a few weeks my neck strength had increased dramatically and my pain eliminated. Before seeing Dr. Putnam I had not been able to sit in a car or any chair without extreme discomfort or pain. Now I have a home PT plan that I use daily to maintain my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Putnam!" -Nick B.

Dr. John Is Amazing!

"Dr. John is amazing!!!! I've never heard of dry needling before and it's made a huge difference in my tight hamstrings, knee problems and my TMJ. They have so many options for pain relief and treatment. The whole place is really cool and open, always has people in it working out or getting treatment! I highly suggest this place for pain relief or a good work out! Or both!" - Sarah C.

Experience Like Nothing Before!

"The experience is nothing like I had before. I have been injured for some time now. The staff doesn't just get you in and out of the building like most places do. They boost your body not only physically but also mentally, and a very friendly staff which they thrive on you to succeed and overcome any obstacles in your path." - Tony S.

Gave Me My Life Back!

"Dry needling has become a lifesaver for me. After trying all other solutions offered to me by my team of doctors, dry needling is the only remedy that has worked and given me pain relief I never thought I could attain. I remember days when the pain was so bad I couldn’t get out of bed. I would urge anyone who feels they have lost hope to try this therapy. It has given me my life back." - Ken R.

Highly Recommend!

"In May 2017, an MRI confirmed a bulging disc in between L5-S1 resulting in massive inflammation in my piriformis, glute maximus/medius and IT band area. This caused constant lower back pain as well as pain down my entire left leg. After just one appointment with Dr. John Putnam, he brought my pain level down from a 8-9 to a 6-7. Since then, John has not only decreased my pain down to a 1 (sporadic throughout the day), he found a few more issues that he fixed along the way. His hard work, dedication and overall passion to help and cure those in pain runs parallel with his generosity and selfless demeanor he shows his patients. Through his continuing education and constant aspiration to learn and treat my pain, he provided me the hope and longevity it took for me to heal. I highly recommend Dr. John Putnam to anyone who does not want to live in pain any longer." - Jenn W.


"Dr. John Putnam is a special Dr. He understands what your body is going through and how he can help but more importantly he listens to how you are doing. The entire staff is incredible!" - Rob K.


"John Putnam has been able to break my pain cycle after suffering for 35 years. I have had multiple surgeries, therapies, chiropractic adjustments, holistic supplements, steroid injections, massage and medications. It was the dry needling that was near miraculous for my neck pain. I felt the years of tense, irritating nerve pain dial down after my first treatment." - Sharon K.

The Place To Go!

If you’re looking for quality and effective physical therapy, then THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO! Doctor John Putnam is a hard-working person, whom you can tell truly loves what he does for a living. He is an extremely good listener, takes the time to answer any of your questions, and really cares about helping each person get better. I myself have been to several physical therapy facilities but this facility is the absolute best, hands down! I’ve been dealing with chronic pain after a car accident and words cannot explain how grateful I am to have met John. I was about to give up on physical therapy but just after a couple sessions of dry needling with John my pain finally starting to go away! I live almost an hour away and I wouldn’t think twice about finding somewhere closer. John takes the time to listen and figure out the root cause that brought you to physical therapy and then tailors a personalized treatment plan just for you. John is extremely knowledgeable, innovative, and very up to date with all the new techniques. John uses a variety of the techniques that include dry needling, cupping, tempering rod, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization, KT tape, and spinal and extremity manipulation. John, Laurie, Alisha, Sarah, Kayla, and Dave are an amazing team and work with you during each visit. The atmosphere here is very positive, leaving you with a “can do attitude”. If you need physical therapy, try this place first. You won’t be disappointed! Jessica C. - Joe N.

Tremendous Help!

Dr. John Putnam and his staff at Back To You were a tremendous help in relieving the back pain that I've had for the past 3 years. After just the second treatment, the intense pain had greatly diminished. I had gone to a chiropractor and a different physical therapist in the previous year with little success and my next step was to go for surgery. Then Dr. Putnam was recommended to me to try; I almost didn't go because everyone says they "know someone good" I'm glad I went...Dr. Putnam. Back To You is really great. Gary B.