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Best Decision Ever!

"I've had neck pain for 28 years & was told that I had a reverse C spine & severe cervical arthritis. I tried a chiropractor for 4 visits which felt like a waste of time, and PT for 4 visits. I wanted someone who was progressive, assertive with treatment, & someone that could do more for me. Honestly, I needed someone to impress me. On the advice of friends, I switched my PT to Dr. John Putnam, and it was the BEST DECISION EVER. He did more for me in my first visit than my previous PT did in 4 visits. He reminds me of a puzzle solver who already knows the answers. It is evident in his care that he has a passion for this kind of healing – a quality that everybody wants in their doctor.

I am someone who throws everything at a problem to solve it and Dr. Putnam did the same, with my excellent (and progressive) therapy. Within a few weeks my neck strength had increased dramatically and my pain eliminated. Before seeing Dr. Putnam I had not been able to sit in a car or any chair without extreme discomfort or pain. Now I have a home PT plan that I use daily to maintain my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Putnam!"

-Nick B.