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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR)

Have you recently been injured or undergone a surgery that has greatly reduced your muscle strength? We’ll help you get the results you have been searching for. We offer blood flood restriction therapy (BFR) to significantly increase your muscle strength, improve hypertrophy, and restore function. Research has proven how safe and effective this form of therapy is for recovery, and our experts at Back To You are highly proficient at making sure every client is a safe candidate.

What Is BFR?

Blood flow restriction therapy involves the application of a tourniquet to reduce blood flow in an exercising limb utilizing light weight exercises. This process limits oxygen to a working muscle, helping it switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism and forcing the muscle to use large motor units.

To help assist in muscle strength optimization, we provide our patients with moderate to high intensities of resistance training based on their tolerance, injury, and goals. This process is typically performed two to three times per week to help promote adaptive and significant changes.

By using a tourniquet and low weight, we stimulate a healing response around an injured tendon, muscle, or bone, helping patients heal faster and safer. Contact us today to learn more about the lasting benefits of BFR.