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Body Tempering

Body Tempering

Foam rollers aid athletes everywhere for muscle recovery, but there is a better way you can enhance mobility while also relieving your pain. The art of body tempering is exceptionally beneficial for recovery as it can be used for preparation prior to exercise as well as a technique to increase muscle healing time.

Body tempering is an evidence-based treatment that involves the utilization of a metal cylinder on the body to apply pressure to muscle fibers, helping to release trigger points and relieve pain. This is an exceptionally useful treatment for conditions such as:

  • Tight hamstrings or calves
  • Limited shoulder motion
  • Knee pain
  • ITB syndrome
  • And more

At Back To You, we can provide our patients with both static and dynamic body tempering. Our clinicians utilize a pin and release technique to help rid of any trigger points while enhancing circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrients, and reducing pain. Following the treatment, both pain and dysfunction subside immediately leaving patients feeling refreshed and painless.

Help your body properly and effectively recover with the art of body tempering. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.