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When it comes to recovering from an injury or accident, boosting the body’s natural healing processes through cupping is highly beneficial. Cupping is an effective therapy technique that provides instantaneous relief for targeted areas of pain, stress, tension, stiffness, and restriction. As a great solution for muscle recovery and long term injuries, this treatment helps to remove lactic acid and toxins from inflamed muscles that may be causing discomfort throughout the body.

What Is Cupping?

Did you know your muscles can starve for oxygen? During our treatment process, we supply air to the cups creating suction to help gently pull up the skin, muscles, and fascia. In return, circulation, oxygen, and nutrients are restored, leaving your body feeling refreshed and renewed.

At Back To You, we cater our cupping treatments to your degree of sensitivity. Our clinicians are trained and experienced in multiple techniques including:

  • Dry Cupping: No incisions are performed on the body with dry cupping. Our therapists vacuum the air from the cup and lift the skin, muscle, and fascia as a response.
  • Static Cupping: This technique utilizes a plastic or glass cup. By lifting the skin into the cup and pulling muscles upwards, a two way stretch is performed.
  • Dynamic Cupping: Our therapists gently apply silicone cups to the targeted area and glide it across the surface of the skin. In return, we can identify what may be pulling between the skin and muscle.

Experience the all-natural calming effects of cupping therapy. Contact us to schedule your session today.