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Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim)

If you are experiencing any source of pain, spasm, or muscular weakness, electrical stimulation therapy may be an effective solution for you. Electrical stimulation, also known as, E-Stim, is an exceptionally versatile modality that goes beyond sensory, reactivating and educating muscles on how to properly contract again.

How Is E-Stim Performed?

At Back To You, we begin the process of electrical stimulation by evaluating every patient and differentiating their pain to directly treat the source of discomfort. In return, we begin to perform the application:

  • Electrodes are applied to the surface of the skin that are connected to an E-Stim machine.
  • A slight tingling sensation begins shortly after application.
  • The sensation gradually increases while still remaining at a comfortable level.
  • E-Stim stops pain signals to the brain, providing relief and relaxation.

Electrical stimulation therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions such as lower back pain, tendonitis, decreased motor control, and more. This form of therapy can be combined with a number of other treatments to help further stimulate or aid an area in question.

Take control of your pain and discomfort with our E-Stim treatments. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our experts today.