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Fall Prevention

Falls put you at risk for serious injury, but there are numerous options to help reduce the probability. Oftentimes, patients with fall risks tend to be overcompensating for muscle weakness in a particular area of the body. Through manual tests for balance, mobility, and strength, we focus on the affected areas and decrease the likelihood of a fall occurrence.

Following our tests, we work closely with our patients to develop a treatment plan tailored to their needs. To help them regain proper function and mobility, we provide each patient with a variety of balance and strengthening exercises.

How Does Physical Therapy Decrease My Fall Risk?

Balance is a key factor in fall prevention therapy, which is why we will provide you with specific exercises to help your body regain balance and increase reaction time. This effective approach helps train your body to automatically respond, decreasing your risk of falling. Not only do our clinicians help you develop a treatment plan, but they provide you with recommendations for your daily life at home, work, and other environments to eliminate any potential hazards.

By retraining your balance patterns to focus less on vision and more on joint awareness, falls are easily prevented. Eliminate your fear with our effective methods for fall prevention therapy. Schedule your appointment today.