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Highly Recommend!

"In May 2017, an MRI confirmed a bulging disc in between L5-S1 resulting in massive inflammation in my piriformis, glute maximus/medius and IT band area. This caused constant lower back pain as well as pain down my entire left leg. After just one appointment with Dr. John Putnam, he brought my pain level down from a 8-9 to a 6-7. Since then, John has not only decreased my pain down to a 1 (sporadic throughout the day), he found a few more issues that he fixed along the way. His hard work, dedication and overall passion to help and cure those in pain runs parallel with his generosity and selfless demeanor he shows his patients. Through his continuing education and constant aspiration to learn and treat my pain, he provided me the hope and longevity it took for me to heal. I highly recommend Dr. John Putnam to anyone who does not want to live in pain any longer."

- Jenn W.