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In-Home Physical Therapy

Southeast, MI In-Home Physical Therapy

Are you wishing you could access the care you need without having to travel outside your home? If you suffer an injury or illness that limits your functional ability, you may benefit from physical therapy at home. At Back To You, we are your premier source for Southeast, MI in-home physical therapy. Our clinicians work with every patient to restore their mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, and more. With payment options for auto claims, workers’ compensation, or cash, we make it our mission to provide our patients with expert care without the worry.

Osteopractic Physical Therapy

When it comes to pain, there could be a number of underlying sources that are preventing you from living a functional, pain-free life. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively treat and differentiate your diagnosis, ruling out any probable causes of your discomfort. Every patient has their own specific needs, daily tasks, and personal goals, which is why we provide a customized treatment plan to every individual we meet.


From soft-tissue treatments to adjustments, our osteopractors work with every patient to differentiate their source of discomfort, helping to solve the underlying problem and provide relief. With our wide range of certified treatments, your journey to recovery is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Occupational Therapy

Chronic pain can keep people of all ages from fully engaging in their daily lives. Occupational therapy utilizes a holistic and cognitive approach that caters to the needs, goals, and functions of every client. Whether you wish to return to work or complete instrumental daily activities such as grooming or eating without pain, we’ll help every patient live life to the fullest despite a disability, illness, or injury.

Massage Therapy

Massage is a beneficial form of therapy that helps patients alleviate pain and tension from previous medical issues.Every patient’s body is different, which means every type of massage is different. At Back To You, our approach to massage therapy will help your body function better so you can live better.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

At Back To You, our mission is to help evaluate, treat, and guide every patient on their journey to recovery. We understand the importance of getting back to the job you know and love, which is why we offer functional capacity evaluations (FCE) to assess your physical capabilities and help you return to work.

Get back on your feet and live independently again with our Southeast, MI in-home physical therapy services. Contact us to schedule your session today! Our friendly team can help answer questions you may have.