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McKenzie Approach

McKenzie Approach (MDT)

What if there was a way to prevent severe pain and discomfort on your own? The McKenzie Approach, also known as mechanical diagnosis and therapy or MDT, is a comprehensive treatment that caters to the patient as well as their potential to complete prescribed exercises independently.

How Does The McKenzie Approach Work?

Unlike other methods of treatment, the McKenzie Approach is highly effective by going back to the original source of pain, centralizing it, then reducing discomfort. Following an assessment, our clinicians find a direction of movement that a patient responds to and repeat those movements. In return, the strength and mobility of our patients are restored.

The McKenzie Approach is a leading treatment for pain and injuries in necks, backs, spinal disorders, extremities, and everything in between. There are numerous benefits to this method including:

  • Reliable assessment
  • Early prognosis
  • Encourages self-healing
  • Prevents injury recurrence
  • And more

At Back To You, we take time to educate every patient on their condition, teaching them the right exercises and methods to relieve their pain independently. Patients who have been educated in self-management are able to initiate treatment on their own when pain begins to flare up, relieving symptoms before they interfere with daily life.

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