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Neck Pain

Neck pain tends to occur from a number of causes and can leave any individual wanting to stay in bed all day. At Back To You, we offer a full spectrum of treatments for neck physical therapy, helping you get back on your feet and living a pain free life again.

Mobilizing, stretching, and strengthening are all effective ways to reduce neck pain. We combine these methods with one or multiple types of treatments to relieve your pain including spinal tractiondry needlingCranioSacral Therapy, and more.

Aside from the lasting benefits of our effective methods, our professionals will help you locate and determine the cause of your neck pain. Whether you need to adjust your sleeping positions, change an exercise routine, or anything in between, we’ll help you make proactive changes to your everyday life so you can enjoy all the activities you love without the pain.

We’ll help you find a treatment plan for neck pain relief that is tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle. Say goodbye to your neck pain- contact us to schedule your appointment today!