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Michigan Osteopractor

The human body works to heal and repair itself alongside intervention and support. At Back To You, our Michigan osteopractors will help to determine the best form of treatment to get you moving faster and more efficiently on the road to recovery.

What Is An Osteopractor?

Osteopractors are some of the most highly skilled physical therapists in the world. Utilizing manual and physical therapy techniques, our osteopractic physical therapists provide relief for a full spectrum of injuries and sources of pain.

From soft-tissue treatments to adjustments, we solve the underlying problem to your discomfort. In combination with our certified techniques, we accelerate the recovery process of every patient by educating them on how to manage their diagnosis independently.

As the only Michigan osteopractors in the Metro Detroit area, we provide the utmost care to every patient on their journey to recovery and healing. With a personalized home exercise program, your treatment plan is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Contact our CantonGrosse Pointe, or Royal Oak locations to schedule your appointment today.