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Physical Therapy

Michigan Physical Therapy

Back To You is dedicated to helping every patient achieve mental, physical, and optimal health through osteopractic physical therapy. Helping you get back to your active lifestyle is a top priority, which is why our clinicians utilize hands-on, one-on-one treatments to provide every patient with the utmost care and professionalism.

Our Methods For Michigan Physical Therapy

When it comes to pain, there could be a number of underlying sources that are preventing you from living a functional, pain-free life. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively treat and differentiate your diagnosis, ruling out any probable causes of your discomfort.

In combination with our certified techniques, we help every patient on their road to recovery through:

At Back To You, we provide our patients with everything they need and more to properly recover, self-manage their symptoms, and avoid undergoing major medical services such as surgery. Every patient has their own specific needs, daily tasks, and personal goals, which is why we provide a customized treatment plan to every individual we meet.

Avoid major medical services with Michigan physical therapy. Contact our CantonGrosse Pointe, or Royal Oak locations to schedule an appointment today!