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Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft Tissue Treatment

Every individual has knots throughout their body that cause uncomfortable tension and tightness. At Back To You, we know the importance of releasing these trigger points to not only provide every patient with comfort, but get them back to a functional lifestyle.

What Are Soft Tissue Treatments?

Tension and tightness can appear in many forms throughout the body. Our soft tissue treatments involve both deep and soft tissue massage techniques to release tension in the muscle, following with strengthening exercises to promote better functionality in the affected area.

Utilizing our hands-on massage therapy techniques, we are able to reduce restricted muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. In return, we help every patient relieve any tension, tightness, aches, or pains in the body so their muscles work more efficiently. If you have recently endured an injury or deal with chronic tension, our soft tissue treatments are the perfect solution for you.

Ease your discomfort and get back to your active lifestyle with our soft tissue treatments. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!