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If you’re looking for quality and effective physical therapy, then THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO! Doctor John Putnam is a hard-working person, whom you can tell truly loves what he does for a living. He is an extremely good listener, takes the time to answer any of your questions, and really cares about helping each person get better.

I myself have been to several physical therapy facilities but this facility is the absolute best, hands down! I’ve been dealing with chronic pain after a car accident and words cannot explain how grateful I am to have met John. I was about to give up on physical therapy but just after a couple sessions of dry needling with John my pain finally starting to go away! I live almost an hour away and I wouldn’t think twice about finding somewhere closer.

John takes the time to listen and figure out the root cause that brought you to physical therapy and then tailors a personalized treatment plan just for you. John is extremely knowledgeable, innovative, and very up to date with all the new techniques. John uses a variety of the techniques that include dry needling, cupping, tempering rod, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization, KT tape, and spinal and extremity manipulation. John, Laurie, Alisha, Sarah, Kayla, and Dave are an amazing team and work with you during each visit. The atmosphere here is very positive, leaving you with a “can do attitude”.

If you need physical therapy, try this place first. You won’t be disappointed! Jessica C.

- Joe N.