Dry Cupping

An effective therapy technique that provides soft and deep tissue mobilization using plastic & silicone cups to targeted areas of pain, stress, stiffness & restriction. Air applied to the cups creates a suction which gently pulls up the skin, muscles, & fascia. This allows for improved circulation, healing, oxygen, & nutrients to the area. Cupping is pain free!

Our clinicians are skilled in both static and dynamic techniques, catered to your degree of sensitivity. Cupping is appropriate for all types of pain as it reduces pain/chronic inflammation, diminishes tenderness, jumpstarts the healing process, boosts local metabolism, & loosens muscles/joints.


It is a great tool for muscle recovery because it removes lactic acid & toxins from targeted muscles. If any daily or recreational movements cause you pain or if you exercise, you will benefit from cupping. Marks left by the cups make for a great conversation starter and only last a few days, so show them off proudly. Results are instantaneous!