Staff is the best, very upbeat easy to work with. I enjoy coming in, Dr. Shamoon helps with my hip pain, also the dry needling helps alot

DENNIS C. | Nov 23, 2022
The Dr, techs and therapists are very good at what they do , very informative and hands on. Looking into the insurance part of it needs work, make sure that they understand what your insurance covers, prior authorization, length of time and get back to you early enough so you can continue with the program.

ROBERT C. | Nov 22, 2022
Was good, Dr was awesome, but needs more help. She was being pulled in many directions.

BRIGID Z. | Nov 22, 2022
The atmosphere gives, off a pleasant warm, welcome

BELINDA W. | Nov 10, 2022
Marie’s expertise is much needed in the world of PT. She was able to pin point my shoulder and neck issues and build my strength and decrease my pain. Very knowledgeable using techniques that are both effective and simple. We need more professionals like Marie in our healthcare system.

CYNTHIA W. | Nov 07, 2022
Today was my first time there . I felt like family and was treated very well . I want to set up all my appointments at this place .

LINDA R. | Nov 03, 2022
Very thorough!

LISA C. | Nov 03, 2022
Very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable staff

LORI G. | Nov 02, 2022
"Amazing staff and atmosphere. They really took the time to understand my needs."
Anastasia K.
"Dr Putnam, Sarah, and their staff are complete experts in spinal work. I would highly recommend!"
Brian P.
"The staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and clearly passionate about what they do."
Christine S.